I thought social media marketing was the whole pie. A whole pie that was fresh out of the oven. I was under the impression that social media marketing was what every business needed. I thought that an entire career could be built out of social media marketing alone. I was wrong. Social media marketing is just a slice of the pie. 

When I first started at MILO as a social media marketing intern, I was ecstatic! I had previous experience working in social media marketing, but I was ready to learn and experience more, and that is exactly what MILO gave me. I learned bits and pieces about MILO during my interview, but when you’re nervous and working to impress your interviewers, background information just doesn’t seem to stick. As a result, I told anybody and everybody that I had just landed an internship with a social media marketing agency. I even walked into MILO on my first day expecting it to be just that, a team full of people curating content for a plethora of online clients. I WAS WRONG … again. The MILO team is divided into different teams including a content team, a media/digital team, a creative team, etc. As I was being briefed on my responsibilities, I learned the creative team could be assigned to make various graphics to be used as content for clients. I also learned the digital team would build ad campaigns so the social media content we created would go farther, gaining more results. 

At this point, I was still living in my fantasy social media marketing agency world. I thought all of the teams within MILO were established in order to cater to social. While all the teams do work together to meet our goals as an agency, we also each have specific tasks. 

My mind was blown when I realized the digital team not only creates campaigns for social content, but they also work on display and retargeting. The MILO digital team has members from around the world working to ensure your company sees results. The creative team works alongside the digital team as well as the content team to make graphics and videos for all types of marketing. 

At this point I thought I had a general handle on what is was that MILO did, but I found myself mistaken yet again. MILO was not only a social media marketing agency, or a digital marketing agency, but a FULL-SERVICE ADVERTISING AGENCY!

MILO went through a few changes during my time as an intern, and one of those changes was the transition from being a digital marketing agency to a full-service agency. The difference, you ask? Full-service agencies work to bring your brand a unified marketing effort. That means content, digital marketing, billboards, video, print, you name it. All of the teams within MILO work together to create the most effective campaigns for our clients. 

While it was jarring for team members to go through these changes with MILO, we have all grown as marketers through the experience. As a full-service agency, MILO is able to create a marketing plan that aligns with a client’s business objectives. MILO offers its clients a unified approach to marketing that helps brands to appear polished while also creating results. This is a great team to be a part of and a great opportunity to learn about the industry!