Wondering how we did it? Out of all the places you could’ve been, how could we possibly know you’re at Digital Summit Detroit? Well, you didn’t get here by chance. Unless by chance means we utilized one of our many capabilities – Geo-fencing – to target you directly.

What is Geo-fencing? Simply put, it is the most advanced location-based mobile advertising technology for targeting users based on specific geographic areas.

With so many brands in the world, there are audiences just as diverse. To better deal with this, geo-fencing allows marketers to customize audiences through custom targeting shapes with precise and accurate data. This allows them to leverage targeted campaigns only to customers within a predetermined physical proximity to their business. You no longer need to attempt reaching an area irrelevant to your goal or suffer from the anxiety of feeling like you’re not in control. With pinpoint accuracy, you can target just who you choose. What else?

Location. Location. Location.

  • Generate dynamic and configurable shapes custom to your campaign.
  • Retarget customers who visit or commute through any businesses’ location.
  • Target an event or group events at specified locations, dates and times.
  • Track off-line or “last mile” conversions to measure your advertising success with Conversion zones.

Conversion Zones

But what exactly is a conversion zone? It’s a virtual boundary drawn around an advertiser’s business location via a GPS map. They allow the advertisers to track what amount of physical traffic at their location have previously seen one of their ads from visiting another geo-fenced location. It’s the most powerful tool for tracking online to offline conversions in mobile advertising. You deserve something that can help you reach your audience and as you can see, we are able to do a lot of those cool things through geo-fencing.