Here at MILO Detroit we love, well, Detroit. It’s not just part of our name because we’re based here, but because everyone at MILO loves the Motor City. From sports to cuisine to the unstoppable spirit of the people of Detroit, we are sharing 10 of our favorite things about our beloved city.

Fun MILO Fact: MILO isn’t an acronym, but actually stands
for My Love of Detroit with the MI also being short for Michigan.

Things to do

Detroit attracts musical artists big and small from all around the world and is home to the second largest theatre district in the country – behind only New York City. Eastern Market is one of the oldest and largest year-round markets in the U.S. with markets held every Saturday year-round and Sunday and Tuesdays in the summer.

Detroit has a variety of museums, a science center and plenty of historical sites to take in throughout the year. Don’t forget that a trip to Belle Isle means a chance to enjoy the Belle Isle Nature Center, a visit to the aquarium, a kayak launch point, a large slide and so much more.

Getting Around the City

Our public transportation may not be as extensive as New York or London’s, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Grab a bike from a MoGo station and roll around downtown. With over 43 miles of bike lanes in Detroit and bike repair stations throughout the city, Detroit is making a name for itself as one of the most cycling-friendly cities in America. Is biking not your style? Hop on the QLINE for an inexpensive trip down Woodward Ave (and you can take your bike on the QLINE and city buses too.)

Coney dogs—A Michigan original

Are you team Lafayette or American? Detroiters aren’t just loyal to their sports teams, they’re loyal to their coney dogs. The rivalry between these coney dog titans is the stuff of legends. New York has Coney Island, Detroit has coney dogs – it’s just a delicious fact of life.

A Taste of Everywhere

Detroit food isn’t just about the coney dogs. Walk downtown and you will find local restaurants serving a wide assortment of cuisines. From Italian and Greek to Polish and Middle Eastern, or the taste of Americana and more, the city has it all and is serving it up on a platter daily. New restaurant openings are a regular occurrence in Detroit and there’s always something new and exciting to tease the palate.

Grab Your Fan Gear

Basketball, football, hockey and baseball – Detroit has it all and, as of 2017, all of the professional teams play in Downtown Detroit. From the Old English D to the Winged Wheel, fans are enjoying sports year round.
Each of these teams holds their own when it comes to championships with each team being crowned season champions at least three times and as many as 11. During the 1930s, Detroit was nicknamed the City of Champions after the Lions won the National Football League championship in 1935, the Tigers won the World Series in 1935 and the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in 1936 and 1937. Things may not have been so peachy lately, but us Detroiters are nothing but loyal – even when griping and complaining about our teams. Remember, you only get to diss Detroit sports if you rep Detroit sports.
Travel a few miles north to Hamtramck to enjoy a Detroit City Football Club game. Founded in 2012, the National Premier Soccer League team has amassed quite the following, making it one of the most talked about teams in North America.

Art isn’t Just for the Museums

Detroit doesn’t keep its art indoors at the Detroit Institute of Art or the Museum of Contemporary Art. It displays art proudly throughout the city whether it be sculptures, monuments or murals painted directly on buildings. A single trip downtown isn’t enough time to discover all of the art installations the city has to offer. Be sure to check out the Spirit of Detroit, The Belt, The Fist, Kelsey Montague’s #WhatLiftsYou angel wings on Woodward Ave and One Campus Martius’ painted facade as you check some of Detroit’s amazing pieces of artwork off your list.

The Beauty of Pure Michigan

Follow Woodward Ave. downtown and you’ll enjoy some of the best sites of the city. From local businesses to the Little Caesars Arena and Comerica Park to Hart Plaza, Detroit is truly beautiful. Head down to the riverfront and enjoy the view of Windsor, Ontario, Canada or admire the charm of Belle Isle – the largest island park in the United States.

Oh, Canada!

Did you know Detroit is the only city in the United States that is located to the north of Canada? It’s a quick trip across the Ambassador Bridge or the Windsor Tunnel to see our friends in Great White North. We love our neighbors to the north so much local bike tour company Tour de Troit holds an annual Bike the Bridge event which takes riders across the Ambassador Bridge and through Windsor before returning to Detroit.

A Grand History

From its founding in 1701 by the team of French-Canadian explorers known as the Cadillac Convoy to its key role in the Underground Railroad to constructing the first urban freeway and the birth of Motown, Detroit has a diverse and rich history. How many places can boast such diverse nicknames as Motown, America’s Comeback City and Hockeytown?

Fun MILO Fact: One of the MILO team members is the great (x9) niece of Francois Livernois,
one of the members of the Cadillac Convoy and for whom Livernois Avenue is named.

Nothing Stops Detroit

Despite Detroit declaring bankruptcy in 2013, the people of Detroit didn’t give up on the city. They continued to pump their heart and souls into revitalizing the city by opening new businesses and continuing to show support for their beloved city. Thanks to investors and business incubators like TechTown, the city is on a path to rejuvenation and it shows no signs of slowing down. There has been so much change in the city over the past few years that some might not even recognize aspects of it any longer. Regardless of the changes, there’s no mistaking the city’s gritty, underdog spirit. We may have taken a hit in 2013, but Detroit never left.